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May 2023 Fishing Report

This month has been challenging with a lot of windy days. The redfish migration seems to be behind schedule; however, we are catching a bull red here and there. Black drum seem to be behind schedule as well. I haven’t had a day off to get out and get a good assessment of the redfish numbers in the marsh. Speckled trout have been the main target and we are catching them near the dock and on the outside of the Biloxi Marsh. I prefer to operate in the “outside” waters Friday through Sunday to get away from the boat traffic.

Fishing out there is always an adventure with plenty of dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, and many different species of birds nesting on the islands. This is where you’re most likely to catch several bull reds during a trip. Our recent trips on the outside have been extremely productive for speckled trout and white trout. As far as fishing for speckled trout on the Lake Pontchartrain bridges, there are some still there. Mornings with a falling tide at the bridge are best and the bite is absolutely done by 8 AM.

Weekdays find us starting at the bridges then as soon as that bite shuts down, moving to Rigolets Pass to finish off the morning with more trout, a few black drum and plenty of blue cats. Brown shrimp are migrating into the area on schedule, and hopefully with them comes more drum and redfish. The white trout have followed the shrimp into Lake Borgne and the rigs are offering a fish every cast, which is good to see. The white trout are extremely fun to target when they’re schooled up and range in size from 10” to 16”.

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