Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fishing License. You can purchase your license online at Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries
  • Sunglasses and hat
  • Ice chest for your fillets
  • Appropriate clothing for the season

Please wear appropriate clothing for the season and weather the day of the trip. Hat and Sunglasses are recommended for every trip. Shorts and sandals are not recommended from late October to late April. Keep in mind that it could be 75 degrees on land in the winter, but the water temperature will be in the 40’s or 50’s, and that is what you’ll feel. Factor in a 35 mph boat ride in an open bay boat as well. There is plenty of storage space on the boat to store your extra pants, jackets, and other cold weather gear if it is not needed. Better to come prepared.

I guarantee fish. No one else wants to see you catch fish more than me. Trust me.
I do not guarantee limits, but I do promise I’ll give every trip 110% of my effort. Full day trips produce more fish than the half day trips. On a full day trip, we’ll have more time to go further and adjust to the fish’s behavior that day.

Full day trips generally last from our departure time until you are tired, we limit, or we hit the 6 – 7 hour mark. One thing to factor in if you have somewhere to be after the trip, is the boat ride back and time needed for cleaning and bagging your fillets.

Half day trips are 5 hours from the time designated as the departure time. If we leave at 6 am, we’ll be back at the dock for 11 am.

Half day trips can be fun and memorable! Due to limitations on time, there are a couple reasons why we might not return with a stellar catch:

  • Full day trips allow us to go further to fishing grounds that receive less fishing pressure, increasing our chance of catching.
  • Sometimes it may take a while to learn the technique, adapt to using a spinning reel, or learn to cast to the strike zone, etc., I promise to patiently teach and share knowledge on proper techniques, so you can cast, hookup, and reel your own catch in.

I always suggest booking a full day trip for the best catch.

We will be using Penn Battle 2 Spinning Reels on Falcon Medium Rods. The spinning reels are spooled with 30lb Power Pro braid. Most of the time, we’ll be casting out popping corks with bait or a lure 1-2′ below the cork. This is the most effective method for catching Speckled Trout and Redfish in shallow water in our area.

During summer and early fall months, we’ll fish in the vast wilderness of the Biloxi Marsh. Late fall through spring we’ll fish in the local area around Lake Catherine.

I will decide if the trip should be canceled due to weather after the 6pm forecast is released the night before. A weather forecast a week away is not very reliable. The forecast here in Louisiana changes by the hour. We will not fish through lightning storms or heavy rain. Departure times can be pushed back to allow for weather to pass.

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