August Fishing Report and What to Expect for the Rest of 2023

The lack of rain and warmer than usual temperatures made August an interesting month. The weather certainly helped the fishing for us. Warmer temps pushed most of the fish into the deeper passes where the water would be cooler. The white shrimp came in a few weeks early, due to the salinity levels rising from no rain. A few big bulls or drum are being caught each trip along with plenty of white trout and speckled trout. I took most of the month off to stay home with little Drake before he started kindergarten. The few trips I have run were all successful. As hot as the weatherman says it is, it’s actually pleasant out on the water with the steady southwest breeze that just won’t stop. Our trips started around 5:30 and by 10:30, the Bluewave was headed back with a respectable catch. The bulk of the catch is speckled trout and white trout from the Lake Pontchartrain area.

What to expect for exciting New Orleans September fishing

September will be similar to August in regards to both species of trout being available. Black drum and bay snapper (sheepshead) will become another productive option to target on the calmer days in Lake Pontchartrain. Both of these fish fight hard, pull drag and as a bonus, taste delicious! The best time to be on the water will still be sunrise to around 10:30 or 11 AM. To make the most of the early bite, we won’t sit long at a “spot” if we’re not putting fish in the boat. There are a few areas where fish will appear when the water hits a certain temperature or the tide gains velocity, and I may be more patient there. Towards the end of September, there will be bigger speckled trout available as well as more bull reds.

Fall Fishing is Almost Here!

The BEST months of the year are quickly approaching. Booking your fishing trip well in advance, particularly for the busy October-December period helps insure you get first pick of choice dates. What is a choice date? A day with a great tide range. Fish do not feed like crazy every day. Fish will be more aggressive (easier to catch) and eat longer on days when the tide is moving better. Days with minimal tide ranges usually offer lethargic fish. If you’re thinking about

What to expect in the last months of the year? A lot of catching!

  • October Fishing New Orleans
    The beginning. What I call the first quarter of our Superbowl. This is the month when the speckled trout really begin moving into the local marsh around the Intercoastal Waterway, Lake Borgne, and Lake Pontchartrain. Shrimp and pogies will be plentiful in the marsh and lakes, and the trout will be following them around, feasting when conditions are right. Redfish will be with the trout as well. Sheepshead, black drum, and flounder will be found in the deeper holes and along the bridges in the lake. White trout will be almost everywhere and ready to eat, no matter what the tide is doing. Large flocks of seagulls diving on shrimp will be more common as the month progresses.
  • November Fishing New Orleans
    This is the peak month for fishing. Sheepshead will be schooling at the bridges and local oyster beds. Trout and redfish will be heavily feeding on white shrimp migrating out due to decreasing water temperatures. White trout will start to become less prevalent as the cooler waters push them further south. Speckled Trout will be in the passes and at the bridges in Lake Pontchartrain. Marsh bass will begin schooling and feeding like crazy at the end of November as well. Pull up to the right ledge or drain at this time and you can catch 20 – 70 bass in short time!
  • December Fishing New Orleans
    Fishing is often overlooked by so many this time of the year, but if you want to do some catching, this is a great month to fill the cooler. Usually by this month most of the shrimp are gone. Now the trout and reds are really hungry and feeding on smaller fin fish, found around structure, or in the deeper man-made canals. Deep oyster beds will be holding bull reds and sheepshead. Dropping water temperatures will push and confine fish to deeper holes and canals.

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