April & May Fishing Report

Speckled Trout fishing has been great. Now that the water temperature is well over 77 degrees, most of the trout have moved further out from Lake Pontchartrain to spawn. We’re still catching plenty though. I’ve been running many redfish trips the last couple weeks and it is great to be in the Biloxi marsh again. There is an abundance of submerged vegetation at the moment, limiting where the boat can go. I think this will be beneficial to the redfish population though. I expect to start catching more bass along with the redfish this year, due to the amount of submerged grass. By July and August most of it will die off, allowing us to access more areas. Sheepshead numbers are way down for this time of year. I’m hoping this changes soon, since it already feels like July. Catching drum, sheepshead, and redfish in Lake Pontchartrain is a popular option in the summer since the drive is shorter and we’re usually back at the dock with a basket full of fish before the heat sets in. Brown shrimp and mullet have really started moving back in the last few days. Very excited to see this and looking forward to getting into summer fishing.

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