October Fishing Report

Fishing has been exactly how it should be this Fall. Incredible. We started strong on the trout early in October. Now that the big ones have really pushed in and spread out, each time a front comes through we can hit them hard as they seek deeper water. In between the fronts, the trout are scattering, feasting on shrimp which are all over the open lakes at the moment. We need colder water temps to push the shrimp out totally, then the trout will be looking for food around structure and deeper passes. October was too much fun with mostly repeat customers that are now great friends and have fished with me for years. I did have a couple new groups that enjoyed spectacular catching, so I’m sure they’ll be returning.

This year as usual, sheepshead, drum, and bull reds are plentiful. On warmer days I’m guiding customers on trout for the first few hours of the morning then targeting big fish. The weather has been amazing, and this will be a November I will always look back on. It is looking like December will be another great month. Half of December is booked, so there are still days available.

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