customer holding fish on boat

Finally, a Tough Day

As we pulled out the slip at Island Marina, I mentioned to Mr. Aaron that we may find a bite early, and then have a long lull until noon or after. Well, unfortunately, the prediction became a reality. There were many factors (temperature, moon, tide, wind) that were just not favorable to keep the fish active throughout the morning. Aaron caught 3 slot reds by 9 then it went dead. We moved from spot to spot, and even tried a location that has produced every time I have fished it since October. Nada. Finally, around 1 pm, the tide switched and we landed a slot and a couple of undersized fish. After Aaron called the last cast, he connected with a great redfish. Halfway to the boat, the hook was spit. Determined to get one more solid fish, one last cast was made and Aaron patiently worked the bait back through the same area. After what seemed like an eternity, the cork ever so slowly sank below the surface, and bam! Fish on! Biggest redfish of the day. The perfect way to end a trip. It was a pleasure watching another great angler catch their first redfish.

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