Warm November

We’ve yet to have a good cold snap come through. The fishing is good, but not as easy as I’d like. Water temps are still in the low 70’s mid-month, so the shrimp have not completely left the area causing the Trout to be scattered all over. We have pulled some really nice trout out the lake though. The Redfish are eating well on the warmer days. I have not been seeing schools the last couple of weeks since the water temp came up though. Sheephead and Redfish are thick in the lake though. Fishing the reefs with live shrimp has yielded very nice catches of Sheephead which are the best-tasting fish in our area. Too often anglers toss back Sheephead due to the mistaken belief that they are hard to clean. A Sheephead will fight just as hard as a Redfish, so it can be a fun time catching them in numbers. It was a busy month, and I thank Captain Justin, Captain Andy, Captain Claude, and Captain James for the help for the extra trips I had. Everyone did an outstanding job, as always.

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