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March Fishing Report 2023

March is doing what it’s known for; windy days, fluctuating temps, and muddy water. When the wind lays down enough, we are venturing into the marsh and seeing a lot of redfish. The issue with this time of the year is getting the reds to eat. The warmer days with an incoming tide seem to be best. Live shrimp, dead shrimp, and gold spoons are the baits of choice. Also, we’re catching a few sheepshead along with the reds. As for trout, they’re still scattered with some in Lake Pontchartrain and some along the Intercoastal Waterway going to New Orleans. Live shrimp is key to putting trout in the boat and right now 20 or so trout is a good day. As we get into April and beyond that number will increase. If you are visiting New Orleans or live here and want to get the most out of your Charter Fishing experience, give us a call today!

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