Red Fish in Lake Pontchartrain

Fall Fishing Report

As usual, Fall has been busy, and very productive. My days in September through mid- December are usually booked up several months prior. For good reason. The fishing is spectacular during this time of year and Fall 2022 is no exception. The weather has been warmer than usual, keeping the speckled trout scattered. Typical trout catches during the warm stretches are 15 – 30 specks. When we do get a cold blast from up north, the quality and numbers of specks caught increase as they congregate in the avenues of approach to Lake Pontchartrain. Redfish, bass, and sheephead have been plentiful as well. With each front that arrives, a few more trout appear at the trestles. This year, the south end of the trestles has been the hot spot for the best catch. Little Cedar and Big Cedar Bayous on the eastern shoreline have been hotspots for throwing topwater early morning and then a popping cork after the sun rises. The same methods can be used on the grass beds around the mouth of Irish Channel in Lake Pontchartrain. The trestles, ICW, and Rigolets Pass have been holding plenty of fish. I expect the Wall in Chalmette to get better as we move into December. Booking trips for 2023 now.

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