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Muddy Water, but Still Put Fish in the Boat

A couple of guys wanted to get out of the house and spend a day on the water last week. Like most others, they were holed up inside for a week straight when it seemed like it would never stop raining. Since then, the Pearl River has been dumping loads of muddy water into the area around the marina, so I offered a run into the Biloxi Marsh, where the water would be clean. The plan to escape the dirty water was scratched when we arrived at Lake Borgne to find stronger than expected winds. So, we stayed around Lake Catherine in New Orleans and despite fishing in extremely dirty water, the guys still put together a great catch. Was it slower than recent trips I’ve run? You bet. But by slowing down the pace and sticking with corks and live shrimp, there was a steady flow of fish coming into the boat. What isn’t pictured is the countless 15 1/2″ redfish the group caught all day. Just a 1/2″ shy of the legal size, but still a fun fight. The water is cleaner now and I’ll be scouting this week to see what has left and what has moved in.

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