December charter fishing near New Orleans

December 24th, 2018

Chris and his buddy Chris drove into New Orleans from Florida on Christmas Eve to catch some reds. Both of them are experienced anglers and wasted no time hauling in their limit of redfish. Before I had the chance to drop the power pole down at the first spot, they were doubled up on reds! The redfish were scattered more than usual and some were deep in the grass beds. Several were caught by throwing a spoon deep into the grass bed and performing a slow retrieve. As usual, though, the cork and live shrimp caught the most. You can’t beat live bait for reds when the water temperature is down. Around noon, the bite slowed down and we alternated back and forth between just a few spots as the tide fell. The reason being that as the water level reaches a particular flow rate or height, certain treasures will start to hold fish. Some for bass, some for sheepshead, and most will produce redfish. Though, not many bass and zero sheepshead came over the side today. Plenty of undersized redfish. A good sign for next year.

It was a great time on the water with these two gentlemen

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